Facility Management

Facility Management is all about enhancing, significantly, user or employee experience inside a building through space optimization, real state resource coordination and facility improvement. In short, it all revolves around comprehensive service management in order to run a building.

Facility Management

Lauretta Delivers Smart Event-Based Triggers That Speeds Up Response Times

Provides anonymised user presence detection Granular utilization reports for every room and every minute.

Real-time, remote video monitoring can be extremely useful to a facility. From any location, security personnel can use cameras to continuously monitor facility grounds. To add, today’s security systems are more technological than ever.

Approved individuals can monitor footage via smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. Real-time camera footage protects organizations by providing up-to-date details on activities occurring in a facility.

For facility managers, video surveillance systems have real benefits. Security cameras not only reduce theft and loss, but also offer a variety of other unique and unexpected advantages. Get the most out of your facility’s video surveillance by taking advantage of all the unique capabilities these systems have to offer. These advantages can give you the edge you need to boost safety, security and productivity in your facility.

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras allow users to store recorded footage digitally on a hard drive, network server or network video recorder (NVR). Digitally-stored footage is convenient; it allows facility managers and security personnel to search through past footage quickly and easily. Past footage can confirm what occurred on a specific day, at a specific time. When faced with questions regarding an incident, facility managers can utilize video records to prove what truly occurred on a specific day.

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