Lauretta Video Analytics allows you to minimise the hassle that goes into 24/7 surveillance. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms & pixel by pixel analysis, they can pick up on the smallest of details.


Lauretta Converts Potential Sales Into Opportunities


Potential Sales

Video Analytics Enables Retailers To Be Able To Analyse The Lost Sales Into Potential Sales.


Peak Period

Capture Real-Time Customer Flow To Determine Peak Period or Non Peak Period.


Plan Future Promotion

Monitor Customer Buying Patterns That Allows Retailers To Plan Future Promotions That Suit The Customer Needs.


Good Customer Service

Monitor Customer Behaviors So That To Provide Good Customer Service.

Cost Savings For Retailers


Plan Less Manpower

With Real-Time Data Analytics, Retailer Are To Plan Less Manpower When There is Less Crowd.


Video Analytics
Retailers Are Able to Monitor Staff Thru The Real-Time Video Analytics.