AI and Machine Learning for Construction

The potential applications of machine learning and AI in construction are vast. Requests for information, open issues, and change orders are standard in the industry. Machine learning is like a smart assistant that can scrutinize this mountain of data. It then alerts project managers about the critical things that need their attention. Several applications already use AI in this way. Its benefits range from mundane filtering of spam emails to advanced safety monitoring.


Construction Productivity, Quantified​

Lauretta is built to scale over extensive site grounds and solves the problem of automated on-site worker monitoring and tracking and quantification on a per worker basis.  

Project managers can also make communications clearer with their field personnel. As the surveillance cameras act as their eyes, they can refer to onsite issues easier. This happens without the need for any vague descriptions.

Theft of materials is one of the most significant issues in many construction sites. This can go from something as simple as a few bricks to even theft of heavy machinery. This is not only extra cost for the company but a delay in the project. Surveillance cameras for business are perfect to use as security deterrents. They’re there to make sure that you can prevent pilferage of goods in the first place.

When you think about it, your construction site’s success and safety rely on how you handle the site. To make the most out of every project, you need hands-on supervision of everything that is happening. Why leave it to others when you can do it yourself? If you want to take care of your construction site, you should. You must also focus on other things too, so business surveillance systems are key. Proper CCTV systems can help you.

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