There is no higher priority than the safety of our children as they return to school. Yet the high-density environments of schools are perfect breeding grounds for transmission of dangerous diseases. 

Adopt Lauretta’s COVID-Safe Campus systems to ensure minimal risk of spread within your school grounds 

Lauretta's COVID-safe Campus Systems

Social Distancing

Make data-driven decisions for social distancing

Identify bottlenecks and areas where children congregate using data. Drive data-driven process change to create a safer environment for your students and staff.

De-Densifying Spaces

Plan for safer spaces with more accuracy

Use artificial intelligence to identify the best use of space in classroom, cafeteria and other spaces in the school

Mask Detection

Detecting mask wearing in real-time

Detect any non-compliance with face masks immediately through real-time mobile notifications


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Drive Process Change with Data

We collect the data using the video analytics, capturing spots of high people density on campus; this helps to quickly identify the problem areas. Using these data, campuses can drive their process change quickly, increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of safety measures put in place.

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Receive live updates on campus

Real-time, remote video monitoring can be extremely useful on a campus. From any location, school personnel can use cameras to continuously monitor campus grounds for non-compliance with safety procedures Approved individuals can monitor footage via smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. 



Your privacy matters

The video data that is collected is private and belongs to you, no one else would have access to your data. 

In addition to that we ensure that your staff and students’ privacy is prioritised; our algorithm monitors the video to identify issues for you. We do not record the identities of the staff and students being monitored.

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