Creating a covid-safe spaces

Returning to work should not make you afraid

Where errant behaviour can condemn our spaces to be seen as death traps

Where a negligent cough or sneeze is risk to our employees and customers’s ZoneScout ensures people always feel safe in your space 

  • Checking for PPE
  • Safe Distancing
  • Automated Space Optimization

The only way public spaces can be kept COVID19-Safe is for everyone to do their part.

This has to a collaboration between property managers who operate spaces with the right levels of distancing and openness as well as us the citizens to practise good hygiene, social distancing and wear our personal protection

Lauretta's ZoneScout system fulfills both aspects of this by looking out for each of us making sure that property managers can maintain COVID-SAFE SPACE at all times

PPE Detection

A cough or sneeze travels 6 feet without a mask and 1 foot with a mask.

A mask wearing society keeps the public safe.

Design for Social Distancing

Social Distancing is often not the citizens' fault. In many areas, such as public transit stations and waiting rooms, social distancing measures effectively reduce the capacity of these services by up to 10 times.'s systems dynamically identify these chokepoints to ensure our environment does not endanger us, but providing opportunities to optimize our public services 

Safe Distancing is one of the greatest logistic challenges of a property owner. 

Our system allows owners to mark spaces and queues on their own top down floorplan to demarcate specific chokepoints

At the same time, it will identify crowds and where the crowds are moving

Property managers are often implicated by the failures of their tenants to enforce proper safe distancing and social etiquette. 

Our system uses a award winning context aware solution to automatically help property managers optimize and support their tenants

We don’t believe in trading your privacy for someone else’s safety. That is why we designed our system around three key principles

  1. Use only the information available today. That means, no special high powered cameras, no special sensors and no special apps that you need to install on your phones
  2. Protect the data captured from human interferance. We can never be sure of the intentions of a third party gain access to our information. This means that we keep almost all your information offline, secure and physically in the building where the camera is
  3. Truly anonymous. Our philosophy is that people are inherently good. The perfect camera system will help us identify the perpetrator and the victims and no one else. Because of this our systems are designed such that even if the information was taken, if you do not want to be found, you cannot be found

Detection & Isolation is how we free ourselves from the fear of COVID19. 

Yes. It is unfair to be isolated when you have a cold that is definitely just from allergies…

…But how much worse is it  to put your family in danger by getting infected when you leave your house.


Yes. It is not fair to have to sit at different tables from our friends when we are out together…

…But how much worse would it be if you ended up being the one to get one of them ill?


At, we believe that the rights of the least of us are the most important rights to preserve. That the new normal should just be …normal! And we can’t wait to go back to the way things were.


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