About Lauretta

Founded in 2016, Lauretta.io is an intelligent AI system that leverages state of the art deep learning and computer vision technology to address the next generation needs of smart buildings.


Our flagship product includes patent-pending algorithms, integration from multiple disparate data sources, and the ability to intelligently allocate tasks and orchestrate responses to events happening anywhere on your property.


Imbue intelligence to built spaces to transform the way people work and live.


We carefully consider the impact of our products on the users and people within the environment.

We believe in taking a growth centric mindset. We believe in lifelong learning and curiosity, and that there are always better and smarter ways of doing things.

We want to help each person reach their own highest potential. We recognise success and excellence comes in many forms and we want to realise this for every individual.

Our Founders


Galvin Widjaja

Galvin is a seasoned entrepreneur and former CFO of a New York startup. Coming from a background of mathematical modelling and operations research, he is recognised for thought leadership in Enterprise ICT strategy and artificial intelligence. 


With 11 years of work experience including 5 years in consulting and 5 in banking technology, Galvin is experienced in operating at both enterprise scale and solo projects. 


Jason Widjaja

Jason is a top data science leader with a specialization in analytics and developing artificial intelligence and automation products.


An experienced mentor and leader of large technical teams, he is passionate about the intersection of people and AI, and believes in building open cultures of experimentation and the responsible and ethical use of AI.