About Lauretta

Founded in 2016

Lauretta.io specialises in deep technology to provide intelligent workflow solutions that extract value from modern technologies.

Our flagship product includes a patent-pending algorithm, combining beacon technology with various external data sources to allocate staff via an intelligent task allocation and communication system, enabling real-time action on any form of critical information.


Our Mission is to turn property data to action in real time.


Our Vision is to provide an enterprise ready solution to help our clients to integrate their new system with their legacy systems. Our solution is designed from the ground up to integrate with enterprise data streams, and scale with the largest of big data use cases.


Our Core Values is to make Artificial Intelligence work for you. Nurture Integrity, our effort to optimise performance in the face of manpower constraints. Committed to producing excellent and quality outcomes.

Our Founders


Galvin Widjaja

A highly technical individual recognised for thought leadership in Enterprise ICT strategy and business analytics and artificial intelligence. 

With 11 years of work experience including 5 years in consulting and 5 in banking technology, I am experienced in operating both in large scale consulting engagements as well as in solo projects. 


Jason Widjaja

A top data science leader with a specialization in artificial intelligence and in-house AI and automation products.

We are tool agnostic but favour open source for flexibility, value and reduced vendor costs. I developed our regional AI strategy and drive a culture of experimentation, innovative ‘company firsts’ use cases and machine learning technology at scale.