The Empowered Manager’s Dashboard is built on the premise that environmentally gathered data can provide a platform that will elevate the capabilities of the retail shop owners, managers and staff through visibility, automation and deep learning.

As part of the philosophy of the product we have always determined that manager licenses should  always remain free. Why? This is because we also want to induce the behaviour of empowering managers and showing information. Even if a company stops using the Lauretta system, we had the fundamental change in organizational structure remains.

To this end, I am proud to show you a preview of the brand new manager console.


The Outlet Homebase and Control Centre brings staff closer

A manager can only inspect as far as he can see and manage and far as he can communicate. By combining a live map feed and central messaging system, even distributed locations (such as promoter booths) become manageable by a small team.

Administration is decoupled from Management

A manager is not an administrator and should be measured on their ability to maximise the productivity of the staff, rather than their ability to update accounting journals and timesheets. The information provided by not only provides a platform for effortless management, but also simultaneously fills timesheets and individual staff productivity matrices. takes this a step further by also using a learning algorithm to error correct timesheets to clearly identify that MVP of every store.

The freedom of honest reporting

One of the most disempowering circumstances for a staff is a biased manager. While the manager is empowered, the retail owners also enjoy the power of truly objective and honest reporting. Through truly transparent and detailed reporting, easily surfaced through Lauretta’s analytics and report generation engine. Every statement the manager makes can be validated and the truth brought to light.

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